Huge Price Drop on Vidal’s Giant Cables

Posted on 16th July, 2014

We’ve significantly reduced the price of our exclusive range of Vidal Giant Cables, allowing retailers to buy Cables sweets at just £13.99 a box and return £80!

This is a strong selling and established range of children’s sweets that continues to retain high demand. The lower box price, secured until the end of 2014, will ensure a 79% margin when the Cables are sold at £1 (RRP). It’s a winning combination for both you and your customers.

Giant cables

Sold either straight from the box (approximately 80 per box) or as part of a children’s sweets display, the surprisingly lengthy Giant Cables, a mixture of soft flavoured liquorice encasing a sweet paste, are available in 14 different fruity, fizzy and sour flavours (13 online), including:

  • Blackcurrant
  • Apple
  • Raspberry
  • Rhubarb and Custard
  • Sour Cola
  • Fizzy Cola
  • Fizzy Apple
  • Fizzy Strawberry
  • Fizzy Watermelon

You can view the full range of Vidal Giant Cables products here.

We are pledging to hold this price drop right up until the end of 2014, having agreed the price with Cables manufacturer, Vidal. For further information on our Giant Cables Price Drop please give us a call 01509 216644 or email

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