Ice Pop Profits!

Posted on 21st June, 2012

It might not seem like it, but the summer is all but here and with that comes a great opportunity for independent retailers with a small freezer in their retail area. It is a known fact that the vast majority of ice pop lollies are sold on impulse through smaller stores and NOT through the supermarkets. Furthermore, wholesale ice pops offer a great high margin opportunity.

We have stocked a number of popular ice pops in our wholesale cash and carries for some years to satisfy the ongoing strong demand for these all time favourite frozen lollies.

Top of the list is Mr Freeze Ice Pops and no display should be without them! With retail prices starting at 15p, these are great for pocket money pick ups over the summer holidays. Two sizes are available: 150 x 15p rrp and 90 x 25p rrp.

Another proven winner is Tango Ice Pops (100 x 25p rrp), offering the familiarity of the popular drink in a refreshing frozen format.

All of our wholesale ice pops are sold in ambient cases from all of ourUKcash and carries. They can then be frozen as you stock your retail display, ready to sell when the sun shines. If you have not considered ice pops before, now might just be the time to do so.

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