Jackie Turner Wins the Hancocks Giant KitKat

Posted on 12th August, 2015

Congratulations to Jackie Turner from Sweetie Cakes who has won our Giant Nestle KitKat!

After being presented with the Giant KitKat from our lovely colleagues at Nestle in June, we all got our thinking caps on to decide how best to use this beast of a chocolate bar. We opened the discussion out to our social media followers and our friends on Facebook came up with some fantastic ideas.

The decision was very tricky, but after many debates we decided to present the KitKat to Jackie Turner from Sweetie Cakes in Swindon. Her idea was to share the giant bar with residents at the care home she works for.

Orchid Care Home were extremely grateful of the gift as Jackie said that “And I’m happy to see the effect it’s had on everyone else. It’s a lot of fun, it’s made everyone laugh.”[1]

We are delighted our Giant KitKat has gone to some very caring people and as you can see from the photographs, they thoroughly enjoyed it, after all who wouldn’t love a chocolate bar weighing in at a 2.77kg?

Here at Hancocks we stock the full range of Nestle Kit Kat products, available in your local Hancocks Cash and Carry or online, everything from the original 2 finger and 4 finger through to the delicious KitKat Chunky, but unfortunately there are no more Giant KitKats… for now!

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