Kingsway Share Bag range expanded to 34!

Posted on 13th May, 2015

Our Kingsway share bag range already includes many of the nation’s favourite sweets and it is about to include even more, as we expand our Share Bag range to now include 34 different varieties, all competitively priced to retail at £1.

Our range of bagged sweets is carefully chosen to help our customers compete in the very busy bagged confectionery market and our Kingsway Share Bag range has proven to be a great seller for many years.

In addition to the expansion of our Share Bag range, we’ve refreshed the bag design to bring it in line with the refreshed Kingsway brand presentation. The attractive opaque bags allow shoppers to see the confectionery that they are purchasing, whilst our Share Bag branded display stand that accompanies the range is a proven tool for retailers to maximise their sales of the Kingsway bagged sweets range.

Summer months tend to be the most popular time of year for sugar confectionery, so our Kingsway Share Bag range offers you a further sales opportunity during this important time of year.


A selection of the new varieties now available in the Kingsway Share Bag range include:

  • Foam Bananas
  • Strawberry Hearts
  • Porkie Pigs
  • Liquorice Cream
  • Strawberry Milkshake
  • Toffee Bon Bons


Of course the range still includes hot favourites such as Sour Blue Raspberry Bon Bons, Rosey Apples, Liquorice Allsorts and Wine Gums.

Focussing purely on the best-selling sweets, Kingsway Share Bag presents proven sellers in a very popular format, ensuring that you can enjoy high sales with this range of confectionery.

Available to buy in all depots and online at, please call 01509 216 644 for further information or email

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