Learn more about the Kingsway brand with this fun infographic

Posted on 9th October, 2015

The king of confectionery!

Earn higher margins at Hancocks! It might be more than 50 years since we launched our Kingsway brand but the idea behind the brand hasn’t changed much over the years. Top quality confectionery and exceptionally high margins. As confectionery experts our product development team have carefully sourced the best quality ingredients to go into our Kingsway range!


The Kingsway brand allows independent retailers to effectively compete with the supermarkets by offering you value for money confectionery, whilst still being able to earn high margins. The Kingsway brand offers everything from bulk bags, tubs, jars and share bags with every kind of confectionery imaginable. Our Kingsway range also offer eye catching displays sure to stand out and attract customers.


Get to know the King of confectionery better by viewing our fun infographic here.

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