Lots of Lolly at Hancocks

Posted on 3rd April, 2011

As the first signs of warmer weather appear, Hancocks unveils its ever popular lollipop range for the 2011 summer season, offering independent retailers an extra profit opportunity.

“Lollipops are forever a favourite with children and there are many purchasing occasions during the summer months, perhaps as a treat or as a pocket money purchase. Our years of experience can assure retailers of the success that this area of confectionery maintains” says Jonathan Summerley, Hancocks purchasing director.

The line up for 2011 will include:

Swirly Whirly lollipops (various sizes) 25p – £1 rrp

Insect lollipops 35p rrp

Dummies 50p rrp

Animal Mallow Pops 59p rrp

Lion Mallow Kebabs 59p rrp

Sold in self merchandising packaging, Hancocks would recommend that retailers try a few varieties to gauge reaction from their shoppers and help them to develop their range.

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