Make the most of your confectionery display with original packaging!

Posted on 7th September, 2015

Every clever retailer knows that having a great selection of confectionery is not enough; you also need to be able to showcase it in an eye-catching display and using original packaging in creative ways is a key element of this process, which is why here at Hancocks we also supply wholesale packaging.


We offer an entire range of Discounted Bundles and Extras covering everything from Sweet Jars and Pick and Mix Bags to Ribbons, Bows and Bags. These type of accessories can also help increase your efficiency and prove your customers that you abide by hygiene norms.


Using Sweet Jars which you can fill with multi-coloured, pick and mix sweets, is a practical and attractive way of showcasing your products, whilst adding a retro vibe to your confectionery display. Perhaps try using some retro confectionery to go with the sweet jars for an increased effect.


You can further embellish them with Ribbons or Bows, which can also be used together with paper bags to create beautiful packaging for customers who might be buying confectionery as a gift. One idea is to try and combine these materials in such a way that they are colour-coordinated, to make them even more visually appealing.


Another eye-catching accessory that can help enhance your confectionery display consists of the Pick and Mix Bags. You can choose between our retro versions that come in Pink and Blue or the more modern one featuring stylish and colourful sweets on it.


There are many different combinations you can create and having a creative confectionery display, as well as appealing packaging on hand is a great way of attracting more customers and driving your confectionery sales. To see our full range of packaging, as well as our astonishing array of delicious confectionery, you can always browse our website or visit us in one of our 20 Cash and Carries.

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