Millions Sweets now online

Posted on 2nd April, 2012

Here is yet another popular range of sweets that you can now buy online from Hancocks in our online wholesale sweets shop. Jars of Millions sweets certainly have a strong following and we know many retailers that sell plenty of them from their sweet shop or general store.

Tiny, chewy sweets, you get more millions for your money and they are most definitely a little bit “more-ish”. There are a number of popular flavours to choose from including:

Lemon Millions

Orange Millions

Bubblegum Millions

Raspberry Millions

Strawberry Millions

Blackcurrant Millions

The distinctive shaped jar that contains Millions sweets looks great on shelf and would certainly make a good choice for those retailers that sell wholesale sweets from a selection of jars.

If you are looking for something different with proven sales potential to refresh your confectionery range, look no further than a selection of Millions sweets.

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