Mobile browsing just got better

Posted on 2nd August, 2012

Do you view our website on a mobile device? Have you noticed the recent improvements? We’ve now developed the Hancocks website so that, rather cleverly, it can detect what type of device you are using to view the site. It then automatically shows you the correct design, functionality and screen size for that device.

So for example, if you view our website from your iPhone (and you are certainly not alone in doing so) you will see a much more appropriate and user friendly version of the site than if you viewed it from a full size computer screen. Turn your iPhone or iPad on its side and what you see is different again!

Such a development makes things a great deal easier for you, the customer. If you choose to place an order with us from a mobile device, you will find much less need to move around the page to find the appropriate button to click (like so many other websites), all saving you valuable time and making the job easier.

Committed to developing our online wholesale sweets shop, we are working hard to add many additional improvements and developments to the website – nothing ever stands still. We look forward to telling you more in due course. In the meantime, do get in touch if you want to give us some feedback or have some ideas on how the website can be improved.

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