More Extras To Help You Run Your Confectionery Business

Posted on 24th February, 2014

We’ve recently added a raft of new “extras” that will be of help to your business, including more sweet bags, paper cups and containers to pack your bulk sweets into. Why not buy these essential items from Hancocks whilst you are purchasing your wholesale sweets from us?

16oz pick and mix cups are now available to buy online from Hancocks. These are particularly useful if you don’t happen to have any scales in your store, allowing you to sell pick and mix sweets by the cup. Therefore, the weight and the price can already be ascertained by the size of the cup and shoppers enjoy the fun of filling a cup with their own assortment of sweets. They are great for consumers and some even prefer cups to the more traditional sweet bag as they know what they are spending. Ideal to share amongst office friends or to enjoy whilst on the move or travelling, selling cups of pick and mix is certainly popular with many of our customers. If you need any advice on how to price a full cup, let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

Film bags are another useful accessory, particularly if you wish to re-pack smaller amounts of our bulk sweets to sell at a fixed price. You have the option to fill these bags with one variety or to create a mixed bag of your own specially chosen or themed assortment, selling them to shoppers that prefer to “grab and go” instead of spending the time choosing their own sweets.

Similarly, our 10oz food containers are another simple and effective item that allows you to re-pack smaller amounts of sweets to swiftly sell from your shelves. Like the pick and mix cups, these are a handy and more secure form of packaging that will prove popular with car travellers.

In addition to these new extras, Hancocks now offers a number of additional styles of paper bag, helping you to run your business effectively and professionally. Our prices for such extras tend to be very competitive, allowing you to buy the amount that you require when you need them. Simply add these useful extras to your sweet order and have them delivered to your business.

To  view our full range of essential accessories, visit our extras category now!


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