New liquorice sweets

Posted on 21st August, 2012

As liquorice sweets continue to grow in popularity, Hancocks has launched a new and creative range of wholesale liquorice sweets at all confectionery cash and carries to help you take advantage of this expanding confectionery sector.

Sweet lovers enjoy finding something new to try and these liquorice sweets from specialist Finnish manufacturer, Makulaku will certainly catch their eye. Visually attractive whilst offering some great tastes, our range of seven new liquorice sweets includes: four striped sweets (apple, banana, mint and strawberry), Cherry Twists, Flowers (apple, banana, chocolate and strawberry flavours) and giant chocolate filled liquorice discs. They are all available in a 2kg bag, suitable for sale in a pick and mix sweets display or packaged up into smaller amounts.

“We are pleased to offer UK retailers this great range of liquorice from Makulaku. Making only liquorice sweets, they really know how to be creative. This range of seven is extremely visually attractive and will draw customers in to try it” says Jonathan Summerley, Hancocks purchasing director.

“Liquorice has shown strong sales growth in recent times as both young and old fans make it a regular purchase. Introducing fruit flavours has certainly enhanced themarket and we anticipate that our Makulaku liquorice range will become a welcome addition for many retailers” he adds.

  • Niamh  

    Got them in today. They are very nice. Reccomended ***

    Posted on September 3rd, 2012 at 7:16 pm

  • grannys den, selkirk  

    MMMmmmmm YUMMY

    Posted on October 10th, 2012 at 10:28 pm