New retro lolly bags

Posted on 29th March, 2012

Our timeless love for lollies has led to the creation of two brand new lolly bags, themed around retro comic books. Great for parties and treats, each bag of 18 lollies can be retailed at just £1.

These are no ordinary lollies! One look at the packaging will tell you why. Themed around retro comics, taking many grown ups down memory lane whilst exciting the younger audience, two varieties are available:

Old Skool

Four novel flavours of lolly can be found in Old Skool: Rhubarb and Custard, Sherbet Lemon, Rosey Apple and Peardrops. Who wouldn’t go weak at the knees for these?

Space Bag

Once you’ve read the comic strip on the bag, dive in and find a delicious array of sour lollies including Sour Cherry, Sour Lemon, Sour Apple and Sour Orange flavours.

“These brand new lolly bags are great fun for all ages, fantastic quality and incredible value for money at £1 a bag. Confectionery products such as these can offer independent retailers a strong point of difference in a busy and very competitive market” says Jonathan Summerley, Hancocks purchasing director.

New retro lolly bags are available now in all 18 Hancocks confectionery cash and carries.


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