NEW Sour Balls

Posted on 5th March, 2012

Have you spotted our range of four great new Sour Balls sweets yet? You can buy these online in addition to all of our cash and carries – a fabulous extension of Hancock’s increasingly popular sour range of bulk sweets. 

As sour sweets continue to be a rapidly rising trend in the UK pick and mix market, this range of four Sour Balls has launched under our long standing Kingsway brand of weighout sweets.

Available in 2kg bags, the range of Sour Balls includes:

Raspberry Sour Balls

Lemon Sour Balls

Apple Sour Balls

Cherry Sour Balls

These colourful sweets can be sold from a pick and mix stand or packed into smaller bags and containers to create a more unique range of products.

“Sour is definitely “in” at the moment and we are seeing strong sales on all of our sour sweets. The combination of fruit flavours and a sour taste coupled with bright and appealing colours make this range of sour ball sweets a certain winner” says Jonathan Summerley, Hancocks purchasing director.

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