Patriotic pick and mix

Posted on 27th June, 2012

It is proving to be a very British year. Everywhere you look there are Union Jacks and displays of red, white and blue. Kicked off with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, the trend is set to continue across the summer with the Olympics still on the agenda.

So far, confectionery has not escaped the enthusiasm for all things British and Hancocks is helping both cash and carry and online customers to make the most of it all.

A great deal of fun can be had with your pick and mix sweets display in such a climate. Firstly you should look out for sweets with a British or sporting angle. Here is a selection proving its worth at the moment:

Brit Bears

Sports Rings

Foil Wrapped Chocolate Footballs

Foil Wrapped Chocolate Sports Balls

Another fun idea is to create a pick and mix sweets display based around the colours red, white and blue. Search our online shop by colour and see what you can find! Perhaps you alternate the colours in a pick and mix stand or alternatively, you could create a bespoke combination to pre bag or to be sold in small sweets jars? The possibilities with pick and mix sweets are endless.

Beyond pick and mix sweets, our confectionery cash and carries can offer you a number of patriotic confectionery products. So why not give it some thought, see what ideas we have and profit from the British fever which appears to have plenty of energy left in it yet!

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