Pick and Mix Stand – “Bonus Stock” promotion

Posted on 28th October, 2014

Leading the market in wholesale pick and mix, it’s important that we offer you the tools to profitably merchandise your sweets in store. Until the end of 2014, we’re running a great promotion on our Hancocks pick and mix stand, which offers you an additional £150 of pick and mix sales at RRP.

Years of supplying pick and mix stands to stores across the UK has demonstrated that they can dramatically increase a retailer’s sales of weightout sweets. Our pick and mix stands, designed specifically for the independent retailer, have always proved successful, solving the challenge of creating an impactful and interactive display of pick and mix sweets.

The “Bonus Stock” promotion is as follows:

You receive:

20 bin pick and mix stand

20 outers of pick and mix sweets (worth £484.50 @85p/100g)

500 pick and mix bags or 400 9oz cups

8 scoops

PLUS 6 FREE additional bags of pick and mix sweets worth approx. £150 @ RRP

Cost £649.00 (excluding VAT)

The promotion is running until the 31st of December.

Taking the retail value of stock into account (£634.50), the stand costs a very small amount, and will continue to service the retailer for years to come.


The Hancocks pick and mix stand can be purchased from all of its 20 cash and carries in addition to online at

For any questions or queries, feel free to email, call on 01509 230 796. You can even find us on Facebook at


Hancocks Pick and Mix Stand

Hancocks Pick and Mix Stand

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