Pucker Powder now online

Posted on 3rd July, 2012

Proud to be the exclusive UK suppliers of this ingenious confectionery dispenser, Hancocks is now able to make Pucker Powder available for sale in the online wholesale sweets shop.

Growing rapidly throughout theUKin all manner of retail and leisure businesses, Pucker Powder is an interactive confectionery display that can dispense 12 different flavours of powder into a small, medium or large clear tube. The fun flavours include Blue Bubblegum, White Apple, Watermelon and Pink Lemonade. Consumers can choose the different flavours and colours of powder themselves, releasing the powder from “optic” style dispensers by pushing the tube against it.

Pucker Powder can create fun and theatre within your store. As soon as one person starts to have a go, many more will want to join in and the display stand can cater for many eager customers at the same time.

This clever stand requires a minimal amount of effort and can reward you with a great return. Standing approximately 600mm in diameter and 1980mm high, the circular stand is fitted with 12 bottles of different flavoured powder. Further supplies can be bought online or in any of our confectionery cash and carries. Three sizes of tube are displayed from the stand and quite simply, the rest of the effort is down to your customers!

Depending on its size, a filled tube can be retailed for between £1.99 and £3.99. Each tube is supplied with a cap to seal the tube in between consumption, making for a great impulsive treat when families are out and about with their children. Alternatively you might find that children like to enjoy the fun on their way home from school? The opportunities for this novel stand are endless.

Hancocks sells the Pucker Powder stand by way of a package that includes free stock and tubes (36 bottles of Pucker Powder and 360 tubes in three sizes). The return on this free stock all but pays for your initial investment. The cost of the package is £799 (plus VAT) and further details can be found in our online wholesale sweets shop.

There is nothing quite like Pucker Powder and this fun confectionery dispenser can be a hit in all types and sizes of retail store. Click here for further information.

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