Refresh your Confectionery Range for the Start of School

Posted on 14th August, 2014

The new school year is a great time to review and rejuvenate your children’s confectionery range, especially if your business is located in close proximity to a school, college or university.

Depending on your locality, children might be able to visit your shop before or after school and sometimes even at lunchtime. It could be primary school children popping in for a treat with Mum, or teenagers picking up a drink and a snack on the way home from school. Therefore, having the right range, appealing to all the right demographics, will really help to maximise your sales from September onwards.

Generally, when it comes to kids sweets, we advise an 80/20 split. So while you should keep the vast majority of your sweets display familiar, combining old classics such as flying saucers and cola bottles with modern novelty including Eye Poppers and Toxic Waste, we’d suggest that you keep refreshing around 20% of your range with new lines and fresh ideas; children relish the opportunity to find a new sweet treat to try and compare with their friends.

In this respect, novel interactive sweets are a continuing success, with the likes of Brain Licker (a sweet that resembles a roll-on deodorant) and Candy Sprays, allowing kids to experience sweets in more unusual ways!

One particular special offer that will be of interest to sweet retailers stocking up for school is our upcoming lollipops promotion, which will offer retailers 15% off our online lollies (keep looking out for this promotion on the Hancocks site later this month!)

A hugely popular range of children’s sweets, Vidal Giant Cables continue at their new lower price with plenty of great flavours and a 79% margin. This best selling sweets range can be sold from their boxes (£1 per Cable) or using our Crazy Cables stand which can display eight different flavours in clear “domes”.

Pick and mix sweets are of course always a favourite with children and you can develop a range to specifically suit your local audience, selling either from our pick and mix stand or a selection of sweet jars. ABC Letters and Dolly Mix are loved by young children whilst school age kids continue to enjoy everything that is fizzy or sour at the moment.

Finally, it would be worthwhile and profitable to complement your children’s sweets with a selection of soft drinks. Kids will often purchase a drink alongside a treat or snack, so if you offer both you can increase your customers’ potential cash spend. Ensure that you offer a good range of soft drinks and sell them chilled if you can. You can buy soft drinks online or in our depots!

We will happily advise you on how to make the most of your children’s sweets range in advance of the new school year. If you are close to one of our cash & carries just pop in and have a chat or you can phone our online team on 01509 230 796 ( Candy SprayCandy Factory Rainbow Pops

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