Retro Sweets Are Still On Top

Posted on 24th April, 2014

With the confectionery market continuing to expand, our customers are telling us that the trend for retro sweets remains remarkably popular and is set to grow further.

Our recent customer survey confirmed that the retro sweet trend is very much alive and kicking, with 75% of the independent retailers and businesses involved in the survey agreeing that the retro trend will be as strong as ever throughout 2014. From these findings, it is quite apparent that retro confectionery will be occupying the shelves of sweet shops for a while yet!

The enduring appeal of retro sweets appears to be twofold. Firstly, of course, the sweets induce a sense of nostalgia amongst older adults, helping them reminisce about their childhood visits to the local sweetshop.

Secondly, the sweets have an appeal amongst younger sweet lovers, not yet fully acquainted with the traditional sweets not always featured in your average pick and mix display; sweets like Bullseyes, Pontefract Cakes, Humbugs, and the mighty Rhubarb and Custard for instance.

Specialising in wholesale retro sweets, we have a vast selection here on the Hancocks trade website and in our 20 confectionery cash and carries nationally.

Among the retro sweets in stock, we have novelty buys such as our Candy Watches and more traditional sweets, such as Everton Mints and Large Peardrops.

Flying Saucers are, of course, still featured in some latter-day pick and mix displays, but they are an old classic in their own right, fully deserving of their proud retro status.

All manner of retailers can benefit from the retro trend, although some may lend themselves more naturally towards this opportunity, due to the nature and clientele of their business. For instance, traditional sweet shops, coastal regions, old-fashioned cinemas and vintage theme parks are among the companies that will no doubt be attracted by our retro range.

Finally, our Victorian sweet jars are perfectly compatible with our old-fashioned sweets range and are recommended as either display options for bulk retro sweets or to create bespoke gifts that you can retail at a premium.

Interested in our retro sweets selection? Why not take a look at our retro sweets category online to see what we’ve got in store for you.

As ever, we are happy to help out with any advice in terms of how to present and market a retro sweet display, just give us a call on 01509 230 796 or email us at


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