Save 15% on Fizzy and Sour Sweets at Hancocks

Posted on 18th July, 2014

Sales of fizzy and sour sweets have been continually growing year on year, proving to be a notable growth trend; popular across all ages as an essential feature of any pick and mix selection. Sales are especially strong during the warmer summer months when sweets are often preferred to chocolate as the consumer’s confectionery of choice.

Now the summer holidays are in full swing and it’s the perfect time for retailers to buy fizzy and sour sweets in bulk. Fully aware of the trend for all sweets fizzy and sour, Hancocks is now offering its online trade customers the chance to stock up on bulk fizzy and sour sweets, enjoying a 15% discount for one week. This special offer will run between the 19th and the 25th of July and is ONLINE ONLY.

To view all of the sweets included in this promotion, you can take a look at our fizzy and sour sweets category, where you will find a wide-ranging selection of fizzy and sour confectionery delights.

Fizzy and sour sweets

Bona fide pick and mix classics such as the Fizzy Cola Bottle and Sour Dummies can be found alongside more peculiar novelties such as Fizzy Dracula Teeth; the range also includes top selling Sour Blue Raspberry Bon Bons in addition to many fizzy bottles and fruit sweets, sour jelly beans and Mega Sour sweets.

Here’s some of our favourite wholesale fizzy and sour sweets:

  • Sour Blue Raspberry Bon Bons
  • Fizzy Bubbles Bottles
  • Fizzy Jelly Snakes
  • Fizzy Mix
  • Giant Fizzy Cables


The bulk fizzy and sour sweets deal is running in tandem with other online promotions this month, including our 10% off wholesale drinks offer. There’s plenty of special deals to be found in our cash and carries too.

To find out more about our bulk fizzy and sour sweets, delivery options and general confectionery retailing advice, give us a call on 01509 230796 or send an email to; we’d be delighted to help you.



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