Spooky Seasonal Sweets at Hancocks for Halloween

Posted on 23rd September, 2014

Every year here at Hancocks we see Halloween grow in importance for confectionery retailers. Halloween as a seasonal event has grown to be more in line with the American tradition, with Halloween being an attraction for all ages. Halloween themed parties and events have grown in popularity and this is very noticeable due to the popularity of our range of Halloween sweets.

Displaying a range of Halloween themed confectionery early will enable you to cash in on some additional seasonal sales as shoppers treat themselves to spooky sweets in the run up to the event. It also allows your customers to become aware of what you can offer them for parties and “trick or treat” confectionery.

We stock a wide range of Halloween specific confectionery and can also offer you year round products that sell particularly well at Halloween. If you sell pick and mix, you can theme your stand with sweets such as Giant Rats, Red Eyes Skulls and Dracula Teeth.

Combine your product categories to make more impact with Halloween and create a strong display. Putting thought and effort into your Halloween display can result in a great return on investment.

Our products cover all of your Halloween confectionery needs, with sweets that are suitable for both parties and “trick or treat” activities. Some examples of our Halloween confectionery include Halloween Popping Candy Lolly (25p RRP), Kingsway Halloween Jelly Pops (49p RRP) and Monster Mates Pumpkin Pail (99p RRP), with plenty more available to view here.

Certain confectionery products that are popular all year-round can also be used in a Halloween themed display, such as Brain Lickers, Toxic Waste and Eye Poppers. Mixing products such as these with the Halloween specific candy can also help to manage your stock levels of themed sweets after the event.

We are happy to advise you on how to make the most of your Halloween confectionery over the upcoming festive period. If you are close to one of our cash & carries just pop in and have a chat or you can phone our online team on 01509 230 796 (

Halloween Confectionery at Hancocks

Halloween Confectionery at Hancocks

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