Stock up your shelves with our range of iconic American candy!

Posted on 4th December, 2015

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American themed confectionery is one of the biggest growing trends in the confectionery market today! The stateside sweets appeal to both kids and adults alike making them the perfect addition to any existing confectionery range!

Take advantage of our special offers on the top two most iconic American brands – Hersey’s and Reece’s from 6th Dec until 18th Dec online and in cash and carry! These all year round treats are ideal to stock in the run up to Christmas and long into the New Year, the Hersey’s Kisses prove particularly popular during Valentines.

The benefit of these products is the opportunity to be able to cross merchandise them in store. Retailers can offer these moreish products as impulse purchases or as add-ons for baking. Many of the products are featured in desserts allowing retailers to capture even higher sales.

With increasing demand from UK consumers for confectionery from across the pond our special offers on selected Hershey’s and Reece’s products provides the perfect opportunity for independents to increase impulse spending and as these brands can still be difficult to come by this is fantastic chance to create a USP and beat the multiples!

Shop our special offers now on the two most popular American brands which are sure to go down a treat and with great margins what is there not to love?

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