Summer is about to arrive

Posted on 18th July, 2012

It certainly seems a little unlikely as I look out of the window to witness yet another impressive downpour and memories of flooded roads are all too recent, but rumour has it that summer is scheduled to start within the next week. Time will certainly tell, but it might just be worth taking a fresh look at your shelves to check that you are prepared, should the novel situation of a warm sunny period actually occur in the near future.

If the sun’s rays do decide to beam down on us, chocolate sales might take a slight dip. Shoppers will be more inclined to choose lighter sugar confectionery treats so make sure that you have your wholesale confectionery stock in order. Think also about how you display your chocolate – does it need to retreat to the fridge?

A warm spell certainly allows you to have some fun with your pick and mix sweets. Why not ring the changes with sweets such as Beach Mix, Tangy Apples, Candy Cones, Tutti Fruitti, Sea Horses, Sea Shells and Strawberry Milkshake Bottles? All of these and many other ideas are available to buy online in our wholesale sweets shop.

Whilst not confectionery, any retailer selling sweets and chocolates can benefit from stocking a good selection of chilled soft drinks as the two often go hand in hand. Within our cash and carries, we stock a wide selection of soft drinks from carbonates, juices, waters and kids drinks. We always have a selection of fantastic deals over the summer months too, allowing you to secure a high margin on your sales.

If you are located within a holiday area, think about the extra visitors you might welcome too. Aside from the ideas above, have you considered stocking fun summer confectionery treats such as Jelly Bean filled canes or swords? Perhaps some sweet filled summer tins would work in your store? There is no shortage of summer confectionery ideas in our cash and carries coupled with our wholesale sweets available to buy online.

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