Sweet Ideas for Retail Display

Posted on 27th August, 2013

Here at Hancocks we know that it is not just all about the sweets you have on offer but how you display them, which is why we offer an attractive and retro range of empty sweet jars to help you showcase your delicious range of sweets and provide gift inspiration for your customers.


Available in both large and small sizes, you can choose from our Victorian Sweet Jars, ‘Cookie’ Sweet Jars and Standard Sweet Jars. Our Victorian Sweet Jars with their shaped lids mirror the old fashion glass sweet jars from days of old (ours are made from plastic however) and would create a nostalgic and retro retail display. Filled with traditional pick and mix such as sherbet pips and bon bons these delightful jars will bring your customers’ childhood memories flooding back. The lovely small Victorian Sweet Jar would make a perfect gift idea too.  Filled with an exciting array of different pick and mix sweets designed to suit a variety of occasions such as birthdays, Christmas and a nice thank-you gift for a hostess.


The ‘Cookie’ Sweet Jars with their tilted style and opening on an angle for easy access are sure to enhance your display and entice customers with the colourful variety of sweets inside. Our Standard Sweet Jars will brighten up your shop with their exciting contents and these empty jars enable you to create your own labels resulting in a consistent look across the store.


Our attractive range of sweet jars is available online and in our nationwide cash and carries. With over 5,000 varieties of wholesale chocolate and sweets available at our depots you are sure to find an affordable, high quality range of products to display in the sweet jars.


If you have any enquiries with regard to our empty sweet jars and the delicious sweets you can fill them with, please contact your local Hancocks cash and carry and we will be happy to help.


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