Sweet ideas for summer

Posted on 7th May, 2013

The weather is getting warmer and summer is definitely on the way! Seasonality is important and indeed profitable where confectionery is concerned and the summer season is certainly one to take notice of, whatever your motive for selling wholesale confectionery.

As a specialist confectionery wholesaler, Hancocks can offer you many ideas for the summer confectionery season. The focus tends to shift towards sugar confectionery and away from chocolate, providing an extra boost to your pick and mix sweets display. Consider adapting your range to include fun sweet ideas such as Beach Mix, Ice Cream Cones and Sea Shells.

The summer months result in more holiday time and family days out, with plenty of opportunity to treat the kids to a sweet something. At Hancocks we have no end of ideas. Our online wholesale sweets shop stocks a variety of jelly bean filled items such as Jelly Bean Windmills, Jelly Bean Swords and even Jelly Bean Golf Clubs! Lollipops are also a favourite during the summer so consider offering novelty ideas such as Garden Critter Pops and Hard Candy Pirate Pops.

We’ve developed a Summer Sweets category within our online wholesale sweets shop, so do take a look if you need inspiration; we’ll be adding to the range as the summer gets closer. Our confectionery cash and carries are also a great source of ideas and you are very welcome to come and take a look. We hope that your business enjoys a warm and profitable summer season, packed full of great wholesale sweets!

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