Sweets for the summer season at Hancocks

Posted on 18th June, 2014

With the sun out for June and warmer weather expected in the coming months, many retailers will be looking forward to some great opportunities during the summer season.

Whilst chocolate sales can steady up during the summer, especially in particularly hot weather, sweet retailers can take full advantage of the strong season for sugar confectionery and summer themed sweets.

Available to purchase online and in our depots, we’ve got a great range of fun summer sweets this year, some returning for another season and others unveiled for the first time. For example, as surprising as it is satisfying, the Mallow Sandwich was a tremendous seller last summer and returns alongside our brand new Mallow Pizza; sure to be one of Hancocks’ top summer novelty sweets. Indeed, novelty items tend to be at their most effective during the summer season, so it would be well worth stocking the likes of our Giant Gummy Bear on a stick and our Garden Critter Pops, which can prove to be great value day trip treats for the kids. In fact our depots (not available online) can offer you a wide range of novelty lollies and pops which always sell well across the summer season.

Already in full swing this month, the World Cup has prompted a very British and sporting attitude to the summer months and this can be reflected in your summer confectionery display. Products such as our Football Lollies and Foil Wrapped Chocolate Footballs would be excellent choices.

If your customers are a little more traditional, consider our new range of Nougat bars; an attractive confectionery product that is always a popular choice across the summer.

Whether you have a business located in a holiday area or you are expecting families to pick up treats during the summer holidays, you’ll certainly find some additional confectionery sales opportunities in the coming months. View our summer sweets category to see how you can develop your summer confectionery range further.

Mallow pizza




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