Teachers love chocolates

Posted on 3rd July, 2012

With weeks to go before the end of the summer school term, parents across the country will start to think about buying token gifts as a thank you for their child’s teacher. This gifting trend has taken hold in recent years, with many parents buying gifts for multiple teachers and teaching assistants. All good news for retailers!

Chocolates and confectionery are a leading choice for “Thank you Teacher” gifts and Hancocks would advise independent retailers to really capitalise on this opportunity, ensuring a strong display of token gifting confectionery and chocolate. With much bought as a last minute distress purchase, the smaller retailer can often benefit from this pressing need for many time poor Mums and Dads.

As a specialist confectionery cash and carry, Hancocks can offer you a wealth of ideas to help you put on a good “Thank you Teacher” gifts display. Good value boxes of chocolates are popular and here are some of our favourites:

Thank you Teacher chocolate box £3.79 rrp

Ferrero Rocher T3box 65prrp

Maltesers box £1.73 rrp

Small Roses box £3.09 rrp

On the sugar confectionery side, why not get creative and fill some of our small Victorian sweet jars with a mix of retro and traditional sweets? Adding value in this way is really worth the extra effort, boosting the profitability of confectionery gifts and ensuring that your store offers something a bit different.

However you decide to tackle the “Thank you Teacher” gifts need, do your planning now and create a display in the next week so that your customers can be clear about what you have to offer.

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