The growth of Chocolate Bubble Bar

Posted on 20th September, 2013

Bubbles are big business in chocolate and Hancocks has it covered for you! Following the massive success of Aero and Cadbury Bubbly, Hancocks launched its own exclusive range of bars earlier this year. Such is the success of these great value bars, we’ve just launched Orange as a brand new flavour.

Four flavours of the 160g Chocolate Bubble Bar are available: Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Mint and now Orange. Getting straight to the point, these delicious, bubbly chocolate bars can be retailed from £1. For a 160g bar that’s a great retail price and it’s certainly helping their success across the independent retail market in addition to their taste.

We’re expecting Orange Chocolate Bubble Bar to become extremely popular as the citrus flavour is very much favoured with creamy milk chocolate.

You can buy all four flavours of Chocolate Bubble Bar online from our website or at our 20 cash and carries across the UK. Make sure your business is keeping up with the hottest launches and try some for yourself.

Go to the bars online:

Orange Chocolate Bubble Bar

Mint Chocolate Bubble Bar

Milk Chocolate Bubble Bar

White Chocolate Bubble Bar

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