The History of Slush

Posted on 12th August, 2016

wholesale slush

We know that slush has become one of the most popular types of confectionery in recent years, especially during the torrid summer months when this iced beverage is great for cooling down. But did you know that the history of slush goes back to the 1950s when Omar Knedlik founded the first slush machine? Or that Slush Puppie, one of the biggest slush brands in the world was founded back in 1972?

With slush being around for over 50 years, there’s no wonder so many people have become accustomed to fight the heat with these delicious, frozen delights. At Hancocks, we love slush so much that we’ve actually launched our own brand of slush and slush machines under our popular Kingsway brand in 2016.

We have over 13 flavours available for retailers to choose from, covering all sorts of popular tastes, with Blue Raspberry proving to be the most popular one. Furthermore, our slush syrups come in large five litre cartons so you can create over 100 drinks, depending on the size of the cup. And because we’ve designed this range and the slush machines which accompany it with the needs of independent retailers in mind, by selling slush at £1 per cup, you can earn margins of up to 81%!

If you’re ready to add slush to your confectionery business, discover our full range online or visit one of our 20 cash and carries today.

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