The KitKat Break Off Promotion

Posted on 6th February, 2016



The KitKat Break Off campaign is here. Discover their new limited edition products!


KitKat have just started off their KitKat the Break Off campaign that features all the different ways you can enjoy their deliciously crispy treats. Which one do you think is the best: are you a Nibbler, a Stirrer, a Chomper or a Snapper?


As part of the campaign, KitKat has launched two new limited edition products, available at Hancocks, either online or in one of our 20 cash and carries. Meet the 4 finger KitKat Vanilla (Stirrer) and the KitKat Chunky with Extra Chocolate (Nibbler), which are ready to be enjoyed by countless consumers who are going to love these new flavours and textures. With KitKat investing in advertising on TV, as well as online via video on demand, YouTube and social media, to entice consumers, retailers should take advantage of this period of time and stock up quickly on these two limited edition products, if they want to make the most of them and be ready to attract more customers who’ll be keen to try out these fantastic new flavours.


But that’s not all the good news! As part of the Break Off campaign, there is also an excellent promotion for KitKat products running between 6th February and the 26th February, that will allow you to achieve sweet margins, whilst offering these incredibly popular products to your customers who can enjoy more delicious breaks in 2016.


To view the KitKat promotion click here or visit your closest cash and carry.


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