Top 10 Most Popular Sweets During Freshers Week!

Posted on 24th September, 2015


Students of all ages love Freshers’ Week and the freebies that come with it, including delicious sweets that are a great way for Students’ Unions and Societies to attract attention to the activities and groups they are promoting. However, picking the right sweets can be sometimes a challenge, because there are just so many options out there!


Which is why we’ve decided to share our top 10 most popular sweets beloved by students everywhere:


10. Swizzels New Refreshers – these chewy goodies are individually wrapped so you can easily distribute them to students passing by.


9. Chocolate Flavour Footballs – perfect if you’re targeting students interested in joining sports societies


8. Fruit Jelly Pop – make sure to offer a variety of flavours, so everyone can pick their favourite


7. Hubba Bubba AW Root Beer – bubble gum is an all-time classic, but this Hubba Bubba version comes with a new taste which will definitely attract the attention


6. Lonka Wrapped Soft Cappucino and Milk Chocolate Nougat – wrapped, delicious and soft, these morsels of goodness will make students come back for more


5. Chupa Chups Fruit Lollies – everybody loves the classic Chupa Chups lollies, no matter how old they are!


4. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – a must-have for lovers of American confectionery (or just peanut butter in general)


3. Kingsway Sugar Free Lollies – you can’t go wrong with these sugar-free goodies that come in different flavours


2. Haribo Mini Bags – these popular treats are perfect for sharing and bringing people together


1. Cadbury Heroes – this best-selling combination of chocolate goodness from Cadbury has something for everyone, whether they prefer Twirl, Dairy Milk, Caramel or Wispa


These are just a few suggestions, so if you are a student union or an associated student body looking to stock up on a wide range of confectionery at trade prices then don’t hesitate to visit our website or one of our 20 Cash and Carries. Registering online or at one of our Cash and Carries is super quick and easy and if you need more help our friendly team are always on hand for advice.

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