Value chocolate countlines with huge margins

Posted on 20th March, 2011

Whilst independent retailers come to terms with the higher cost of branded countlines and ever tighter margins for their business, Hancocks Cash and Carry has launched a twelve strong range of value countlines with remarkably low retail prices and refreshingly high margins.

As demand for better value chocolate increases, the specialist confectionery cash and carry has exclusively sourced a range of countlines with extremely familiar flavours.

“Whilst some shoppers will remain loyal to a particular brand whatever the price, others are seeking a much better value taste – retailers need to be able to offer chocolate to suit all levels and our new range of countlines will effectively serve the value end of the market.

Whilst widening the choice and interest for their customers, our value countlines can also give retailers margins in excess of 40% which is currently unheard of in this category of confectionery. A strong display of these different chocolate products would provide a strong point of difference for retailers.

The quality of these chocolates is very good indeed. We keep the pricing low by not investing heavily in marketing. Proactive retailers will be able to introduce these great value products to their customers, and once they are assured of the taste, they will come back for much more” says Jonathan Summerley, Hancocks purchasing director.

The range includes:

Maxbar                                      30p rrp             45% margin

Nuttymax                                  40p rrp             40% margin

Ozmo Egg                                59p rrp             53% margin

Biscolata Break Cream        20p rrp             48% margin

Papita Caramel                      25p rrp             40% margin

Hancocks has launched this value range of countlines following on from the success of its recently launched value range of 100g and 150g filled chocolate bars, retailing at 59p and £1 respectively.

“There is a genuine need for retailers to offer a number of levels within the chocolate market. Whilst some shoppers will stick with what they know whatever the price and others will always stick to the most premium level, many others want to satisfy their chocolate craving in the best value way that they can find. And with the economy as it is, this desire for value is higher than ever at the moment, providing independent retailers with a great opportunity to develop a real point of difference” says Summerley.

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