Web Exclusive on ‘Millions’ Jars at Hancocks

Posted on 31st March, 2014

For one week only (applicable from Saturday 29th March – Friday 4th April) all of our ‘Millions’ sweet jars are on special offer.

At just £9.99 per 2.27KG jar, retailers can these buy wholesale sweets in bulk supplies, enabling them to literally stock millions of ‘Millions’!

Popular in sweet shops across the country, and known for their addictiveness, these mini chews are vibrant and colourful, whilst their jars can really enliven a confectionery display.

Among the discounted flavours in stock are Millions’ fruity apple, blackcurrant, lemon, orange, raspberry and strawberry flavours, as well as bubblegum and cola varieties.

The offer is exclusive to our web customers so if you are interested in making the most of this promotion, please to register for a Hancocks online trade account if you have not done so already and get shopping!.

To see the full range of millions on offer, visit our category page now.


Lemon millions jar

Millions Jar (Lemon)

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