You can’t top a strawberry!

Posted on 10th June, 2014

As a much loved and quintessential summer fruit, strawberries hold a special place in the heart of the British; synonymous with the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, strawberries & cream and warm summer days. Similarly, strawberry flavoured sweets are a distinctive classic amongst adults and kids alike. All retailers will want to ensure that they offer plenty of strawberry choices within their confectionery display.

The popularity of strawberry flavoured sweets is further confirmed by the popularity of this search on our website and so we have decided to create our own online category to showcase all of our wholesale strawberry sweets.

We have a vast and varied selection online for you to browse. Firmly established as all time favourites, retro strawberry pick ’n’ mix sweets feature in the range, complemented by newer, fun products driving the category forward. The likes of Strawberry Bon Bons, Giant Strawbs, and Strawberry Chocolate Creams have timeless appeal amongst all ages, and are proven, consistent sellers throughout the year.

Duc’do Strawberry Truffles and Lindt Strawberries and Cream bring touch of chocolate class to your strawberry selection, whilst Kiddysway Strawberry lance sweets are an example of sugary penny sweets for youngsters to enjoy. Adding a little quirkiness to our range of strawberry sweets are Giant Strawberry Cables and Strawberry Flavoured Millions in many formats; sold from the jar or in smaller containers and bags.

Asking around the office, here’s some of our favourite wholesale strawberry sweets:

  • Fizzy Strawberries
  • Strawberry Milk Shake Bottles
  • Haribo Giant Strawbs
  • Giant Sour Strawbs
  • Strawberry Sherbets
  • Strawberry Split Mega Lollies


We could go on, but why not explore our new strawberry category for yourself? Browse our strawberry sweets category now and spoil your customers with some new and delicious ideas that will help to boost your confectionery sales.

Strawberry sweets

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