NoveltyWith over 5,000 different branded ranges alongside our own low-cost high-margin Kingsway collection, Hancocks supply plenty of traditional, consistently high-performing confectionery ranges to stock your shelves.

For certain customers, especially younger children and gift giving adults, there’s plenty to gain from stocking something a little different. Novelty confectionery with a fun or fantastical angle on presentation or flavour can be a huge seller, particularly around the big seasonal celebrations like Christmas and Halloween, and smaller events covering fathers’ day, mothers’ day and birthdays.

We’ve got a huge range of novelty sweets, some ranking among our best-selling ranges, including:

  • Giant sweets
  • Body part candy
  • Animal sweets
  • Candy & chocolate golfing sweets
  • Classic retro confectionery
  • Food-styled sweets
  • Stocked & empty sweet jars

For birthdays and special events our collection of Giant Sweets remain an all-time favourite, with massive variations on Jazzies, Gummi Rats, Chocolate Mice and Cola Bottles offering a high-margin method of driving up overall order values.

Smaller items work well as part of an existing Pick ‘n Mix display, or combo well with transparent sweet jars for pre-made gift opportunities, suitable for whatever your shoppers are searching for. Retro sweets see a lot of movement throughout the year on birthdays and weddings, while gummies, body parts, food and animal-styled confectionery come into their own around Halloween, Christmas and children’s parties.

Feel free to browse our fun and fantastic selection of novelty confectionery online, or register to visit one of our 20 Cash and Carries located throughout the UK.
Whether you’re aiming for year-round staples or a unique display with visual appeal, we’re bound to have a collection suiting your needs, with new items being added in-store and online every month.

Sweet stands and accessories help make confectionery stand out and get noticed. Using them will boost your sales, help organise your stock better, and enhance the general look of your store. Here at Hancocks, we know how important it is to make your sweets look inviting and fun, and how to appeal to your customers’ playful sides. And what’s really great about our accessories and stands is that they are FREE when you purchase our sweets in bulk.

Our accessories and stands include fantastic novelty stands like our counter-top Kingsway Lolly Tree, which proudly displays 136 lollies. Our Pucker Powder stand is one of the most innovative sweet stands on the market and exclusive to Hancocks in the UK. This stand demonstrates that the Pucker Power brand is not just about how delicious the fruity powders are, but how fun and interactive the powder dispensing process is. Children love filling up their bespoke Pucker Powder tubes and creating rainbow and stripe effects with all the different colours and flavours. Then there’s our Pick and Mix Sweets Stand, a bold, bright and contemporary stand capable of holding 20 pick and mix bins. And our Crazy Cables Stand is a vibrant but compact display stand with capacity for eight globe-shaped jars of Giant Cables – the enormously popular sweet. Remember, our current special deals mean you receive either the stand or a full selection of sweets for FREE.

We also offer accessories to help you sell your confectionery. Our range includes individual pick and mix bins and scoops, old-fashioned paper sweet pages, contemporary sweet bags, cone-shaped sweet bags, large empty sweet jars, traditional-style and Victorian sweet jars, cups, containers and straws. We also stock a wide array of ribbons and bows for dressing up customers’ purchases as birthday gifts or wedding favours.


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