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Pick & Mix

From jelly sweets to chocolate treats, hard-boiled favourites and so much more, everyone’s pick and mix is different! With bulk bags, wholesale pick n mix tubs and candy cups, there are myriad ways that you can cater for sweet-toothed shoppers. Browse our range of the most popular sweets from the biggest brands and build the ultimate pick n mix range today!


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          Wholesale Pick and Mix

          When it comes to a range of sweets pick n mix is always a crowd-pleaser. At Hancocks, we have a huge range of sweets to add to your pick n mix selection, from new arrivals to retro sweets, our stock includes something for every customer. The magic of a pick and mix has long been ingrained in British culture, with people of all ages relishing the chance to pick a mix all of their own. Here at Hancocks we’ve been providing retailers and businesses with the most desirable bulk pick n mix lines since 1962.

          What Sweets Are In A Pick and Mix?

          The world of pick n mix sweets is a unique one, with stalwarts that have stood the test of time alongside the latest treats that keep adding a new spark. The variety on offer is incredible! At Hancocks, we make sure to cater for everyone, from classic chocolate pick n mix and jelly pick and mix sweets selections to the speciality choices of novelty and vegan pick n mix sweets. And of course, you can't forget about the ever-popular pick and mix fudge!

          What Are The Most Popular Pick n Mix Sweets?

          At Hancocks we like to make things easy for our customers, which is why we've brought together the best-selling pick n mix sweets to buy in bulk. Browse our top 50 pick n mix sweets and find the delights that are guaranteed to fill up those pick n mix bags. In our top 50 you'll find the lines that are the UK's favourite pick n mix sweets, ranging from fizzy bottles to bon bons. Among them you'll also find top pick n mix brands such as Kingsway sweets, Haribo and Swizzels, as well as vegan favourites such as BUBS. All of these are available to bulk buy.

          How Long Do Pick and Mix Sweets Last?

          How long pick and mix sweets last depends on several factors, such as how you are going to display and store them and where they are going to be kept. It is our goal here at Hancocks to sell lines that have a minimum of three months before their best-before date – if there is less, these are very clearly signposted online! Most of the time they will have even longer than that, so you have plenty of time to sell them. Storing them in a dry space that is neither too hot nor too cold will help preserve their freshness. The way that you store your lines can also impact how long they last. Keeping them covered or in an airtight container is the best way to keep them fresh and ensure they last longer!

          How to Sell Pick n Mix Sweets?

          There are many different ways that you can sell pick n mix. You can display them on a stand, sell them in pre-packed mixes or weigh the sweets on your counter. Whichever is best for you, there are plenty of accessories that will make for a wonderful sweetshop experience, from classic paper bags to sweet scoops and tongs. We also sell varying sizes of plastic sweet jars so you can offer your shoppers an experience that is bursting with the nostalgia of classic sweatshops with shelves filled with their favourite treats.

          There is a lot to consider before creating a pick and mix offering, from the sweets you choose to the price you sell them at. If you are looking to create a pick n mix offering, take a look at Hancocks' pick and mix advice - there are plenty of expert tips to help you along your pick n mix journey!

          Pick n Mix at Hancocks

          Here at Hancocks, we’re an extremely experienced pick and mix sweets wholesaler. We ensure that our customers have the widest range of wholesale sweets, from seasonal treats to dietary-specific sweets. Our range is designed to offer retailers all of the stock they need to keep happy customers coming back. With our huge range, and our Kingsway Pick n Mix Deal, stocking up on all of the pick n mix you need could not be easier. If you have any questions regarding any of our pick and mix sweets, simply contact us and our expert team will gladly help however we can.