American Candy

American Candy American candy is taking the UK market by storm, with many retailers experiencing excellent sales growth and great customer feedback with their US confectionery. Here at Hancocks we can help you to take advantage of this strong confectionery trend, offering customers something a bit unusual and getting them excited about your range of products. We’ve been supplying the UK market with wholesale confectionery for over 50 years’ so we have all the expertise to help you to take advantage of the latest trends; American candy is one of the essentials. Hancocks has nationwide cash and carry stores where you can not only find a great range of wholesale American candy but also a selection of over 5,000 different branded and own brand sweets and chocolates. You can also browse our online sweet shop to find some of our most popular and profitable products available to buy online, including a variety of American candy brands. Our range of wholesale American candy is targeted at helping you achieve excellent sales figures through offering customers a taste of something unusual or even nostalgic. Many of our American confectionery brands will trigger memories of trips abroad, so you can take advantage of this to grow your confectionery sales. We have a huge range of wholesale American candy to choose from, including: Wonka Hershey’s Milk Duds Marshmallow Fluff Reese’s Pop Tarts M&M’s Some of these brands are familiar to the UK market, but their American candy counterparts will often be available in new flavours and varieties. Growth is strong within this confectionery trend, with many retailers experiencing growth of 50% year on year. We have seen Wonka confectionery demonstrating particularly strong sales with its colourful range of Nerds, Spree, Sweetarts, Gobstoppers and more. Hancocks will always ensure you’re getting the best quality wholesale American candy at competitive prices. All of our American confectionery is sourced from the official UK agent for the latest flavours and best selection. We’re the place to come if you’re looking to boost your confectionery range with an on-trend selection of American candy.

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