Boxed Chocolates

Boxed ChocolatesA box of chocolates has been used to say so many things. The classic token gift, Hancocks stocks a range of wholesale boxed chocolates to allow your customers to say thank you, get well soon, sorry, Happy Birthday…whatever is required.  It is the thought that counts and the thought counts even more if it is accompanied by some boxed chocolates! Keep your store at the front of mind for those last minute token gifts by stocking a range of great value chocolates that can say so many words.  Priced competitively, we offer a selection of our wholesale boxed chocolates for you to buy online from our wholesale sweets shop. Running from niche, luxury manufacturer to popular brands like Cadbury, there's a huge collection to view online. Alternatively, find a wider range in our confectionery cash and carries amongst no less than 5,000 branded and own label wholesale sweets and chocolates. Classic choices such as Mint Creams and Strawberry Creams can fit so many purposes. Here are just a few token gifting opportunities where some sensibly priced boxed chocolates would be the ideal last minute solution:  Thank you teacher Good luck in your new job Welcome to your new home Get well soon Sorry! Happy Birthday Thanks for letting the dog out  The list is endless and that is why stocking a range of boxed and wholesale chocolate can be a good move for your business. Let your customers know that whatever they want to say, they can affordably say it with chocolates. Hancocks has been leading the UK wholesale confectionery market since 1962. Such a length of time has resulted in a great deal of industry knowledge and expertise; all on tap to help our customers grow their confectionery businesses. We’d love to help you too so please just ask if you’d like some advice about your confectionery range.  Not just known for wholesale boxed chocolates, Hancocks stocks pick and mix sweets, children’s sweets, American sweets, chocolate, sweet stands and much much more. 

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