Cadbury Chocolate

Cadbury Chocolate The ultimate household name in chocolate, Cadbury chocolate is widely available in wholesale cases from Hancocks, both online and in our confectionery cash and carries nationwide. Whether you're looking for singles bars, gift boxes or novel fun, a raft of varieties can be found at Hancocks. The long established British originating brand holds a place in the hearts of many. Cadbury Dairy Milk is perhaps one of the best loved Cadbury chocolate bar but there is definitely no shortage of choice and the brand has evolved and developed enormously over the long length of its life. There really is a Cadbury chocolate bar to suit every age, customer profile and taste; such is the strength of the brand. Classics such as CDM, Wispa, Crunchie and Flake are always in demand whilst more recent creations such as Bubbly, CDM Ritz and CDM Chocos are developing strong fan clubs. Children love to choose from favourites such as Curly Wurly, Chomp, Freddo and Buttons; always providing them with a delicious treat. You might wish to buy Cadbury chocolate wholesale cases for particular seasons too. The spring season sees a massive leap in demand for products such as Cadbury Creme Eggs and Cadbury Mini Eggs, whether in a singles format or one of the many other packs available. Christmas will see Cadbury chocolate in all manner of traditional and fun formats, offering everything from token gifts to indulgent gifts. Hancocks is the ideal place to buy your wholesale confectionery requirements from, whether it be brands such as Cadbury, Nestle, Mars and Ferrero, bulk pick and mix sweets or more novel products and own label ideas. Hancocks runs a chain of confectionery cash and carries across the UK in addition to an online shop and can provide you with many thousands of varieties of wholesale confectionery, including of course, Cadbury chocolate.

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