Snacks & Carded Snacks

Snacks & Carded SnacksComplimenting our simply massive range of wholesale confectionery, we stock a key selection of snacks & carded snacks for you to retail and these are available to buy online in addition to being found in our cash & carries.

Brands like Mr Porky, known for their iconic pork scratchings, have a very loyal following and sell from a wide variety of outlets. Sold on card fixtures that can easily be hung from the wall, the merchandising is done for you with carded snacks and many of our customers enjoy high sales with such products.

KP and Golden Wonder are also important brands here, with products such as Bacon Bites and Salted Peanuts. If you buy carded snacks for your business, consider Hancocks as a useful and competitively priced supplier.

As one of the UK's largest supplier of wholesale confectionery, we're proud to be expanding that range into bar snacks, pub snacks, and other carded snack products.

Carded snacks can be bought online and delivered to your business. Ideal if you are placing a confectionery or soft drinks order with us anyway. Alternatively, take a look at your nearest Hancocks depot and pick some up when you are next shopping. Whether online or face to face, we're always happy to help you develop your business.


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