Chocolate and Choc Flavoured

Chocolate and Choc FlavouredIn the UK, we adore chocolate! Only the Swiss eat more than us Brits. To offer a range of chocolate and chocolate flavoured sweets in your pick and mix range therefore makes perfect sense. Hancocks Cash and Carry offers confectionery retailers a huge range of wholesale sweets including a tempting array of chocolate and chocolate flavoured sweets in bulk.  Some popular chocolate and chocolate flavoured sweets include:  Chocolate Raisins Porky Pigs Chocolate Malt Balls Chocolate Fudge Chocolate Mice Jazzies and Snowies  We offer a huge selection of bulk sweets to buy online – perfect to merchandise in a pick n mix stand, in sweets jars or bagged up in small amounts. Hancocks sells a bespoke designed pick and mix sweet stand that can have an extremely positive effect on your sweet sales. Furthermore, it is delivered with a full compliment of free pick and mix sweets which pays for much of the investment.  Pick n mix sweets are a very profitable category of confectionery. With great flexibility on display and format, you can easily achieve retailer margins of up to 70% which is far higher than the profit to be made when selling mainstream confectionery brands. Hancocks would certainly recommend adding some pick and mix to your confectionery range.  Chocolate sweets are popular with all ages. Small bags of wrapped Chocolate Footballs would be a great party bag inclusion for boys whilst grown ups might enjoy indulging in a bag of Chocolate Fudge or Chocolate Eclairs in front of the TV.  You can order your bulk chocolate confectionery at and we will deliver it direct to your sweet shop or confectionery business within 48 hours. Alternatively you will find our full range of wholesale confectionery in our cash and carry stores across the UK. Hancocks really is the leading UK supplier of wholesale sweets and chocolates. Buying your bulk sweets from us will really give your profits a boost.

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