Discounted Bundles

Discounted BundlesOur discounted bundles can offer you two things: selections of top selling sweets that will add more profit to your range and a welcome extra discount on standard online prices. If you are new to the idea of retailing confectionery and wondering where to start or you are a regular Hancocks customer and want to take advantage of the discount, please take a good look at our bundles. Having been wholesaling confectionery since 1962, we can help businesses that are new to confectionery and offering bundles is one useful way of doing this. The selection of wholesale confectionery available is simply massive and it can be reassuring for someone to point you in the right direction. Our bundles do just that for you and give you an extra discount at the same time. Many of our regular customers will be buying most of these top selling sweets already. However, a bundle comes with an extra discount so there is no reason why you cannot take advantage of this too! With thousands of wholesale confectionery sweets and chocolates available, we aim to build up our range of discounted bundles so please do let us know if there is an area that you'd like us to consider. In the meantime, rather like when confronted by a sizable restaurant menu, be reassured by our recommendations and let us help you to build your confectionery business.

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