Gift Box Packaging

Gift Box PackagingIf you create gift boxes, to retail in your store or perhaps as a corporate gift, you'll require gift box packaging and with regard to confectionery, we have some ideas that might be of interest. Whether for Christmas or another special occasion, gift boxes commonly contain some confectionery. The leading confectionery wholesaler in the UK, that's just where we can help! But not only can we supply you with many thousands of different types of sweets and chocolates to buy online or from our many cash and carries, we've got a supply of gift box packaging too. Whether you're looking to pack sweets into attractive bags or smaller containers to serve as gifts in their own right or to include within a gift box, you'll require some packaging supplies to do this. Here's a selection of what we can offer at Hancocks: Plastic sweet jars in all shapes and sizes Cone bags (very popular at the moment) Assorted paper and film bags Ribbons and bows All ages love to receive confectionery as a gift and it can be extremely profitable to package your own gift items using wholesale gift box packaging such as our jars, bags and bows. The presentation of gifts is extremely important and if it looks good, sales will inevitably be much higher. So please do take the time to consider our packaging f gift boxes in addition to our many thousands of wholesale sweets and chocolates.

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