Gift Boxes and Packaging

Gift Boxes and PackagingIf you're looking for gift boxes and packaging that would be suitable for confectionery products, Hancocks can certainly help you with a range of jars, containers, bags, ribbons and bows. The demand for creative confectionery gifts continues to rise and so does the number of companies getting involved in their supply. If you are involved in the packaging of bulk sweets and chocolates for gifts, you'll find our gift boxes and packaging of interest. By gift boxes, we mean jars and containers in the world of confectionery, as this is what many customers would expect to see on the shelf. If you need any advice on how best to gift package confectionery, please get in touch. The range of gift boxes and packaging at Hancocks includes: a variety of empty sweet jars in many sizes and shapes cone bags an assortment of paper and clear film bags for sweets ribbons and bows Known for wholesaling confectionery since 1962, it seems natural that the business should evolve into complementary areas over the years and as our customers have demanded supplies for gift boxes and packaging, we've sourced a great and ever-growing range of ideas for them to help their business grow. The more creative you are when it comes to confectionery gifts, the better. We've seen some great examples over the years and it's certainly a big trend today. We do hope that our gift boxes and packaging can be of help to you and perhaps our massive range of bulk sweets and chocolates too?    

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