Ice Pops

Ice PopsSitting within our wholesale drinks category is an interesting sales opportunity if you have just a small space in a freezer display. Ice pops offer huge impulse sales and very high margins across warmer months, with the majority of sales occuring in smaller retail stores. Mr Freeze is the leading brand and we have a number of products to help you cash in on this market. Here's some of the ice pops that we offer: Mr Freeze Tango Eezzy Freezzy Vimto Pyramids Tango Triangles Ice pops are sold in an ambient form and then you simply pop some stock into the freezer so that they can be purchased frozen on impulse. They're ideal for younger children, with a low RRP. Yet all ages love to enjoy ice pops! For those wishing to skip the pops entirely, we stock slush syrup for use in dedicated slush machines, capable of producing over 100 drinks per tank. If you've not considered stocking wholelsale drinks before we'd be happy to discuss the potential for your business with you. Friendly advice is available at our many cash and carries across the UK or you can phone or email us for more information. Ice pops are often overlooked unless you stock a wide range of ice creams and yet, with a small freezer space, they can be a little gem for your business.

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