Jelly Bean Dreams

Jelly Bean DreamsJelly Beans are a timeless and much loved sweet in the UK. So what better than a confectionery stand specifically designed to dispense a selection of Mini Jelly Beans into your own tube to take away? Welcome to the Jelly Bean Dreams stand!  Bespoke developed and exclusively available from Hancocks, Jelly Bean Dreams is an eye catching confectionery stand that has one purpose in mind – to provide 12 different flavours of mini Jelly Beans at the customer’s will, leaving them with a delicious confectionery treat to take away and enjoy. The circular stand is 1720mm high with a diameter of just 580mm, making for a compact display. Many users can enjoy the stand at the same time, creating an air of fun in your store. With Jelly Bean flavours ranging from Sour Lemon to Sour Apple, Toffee and Bubblegum, there is certainly something for everyone with this delicious range of Mini Jelly Beans.  Due to the dimensions of the dispensing mechanism on the Jelly Bean Dreams stand, the range of Mini Jelly Beans has been specifically developed to fit the stand and indeed the tube. Standard sized Jelly Beans do NOT fit this stand. Browse our wider selection of jelly beans to view both standard and miniature variants. Hancocks offers the Jelly Bean Dreams stand as a package whereby once you have sold the initial stock, you have recovered the bulk of your investment. The stand comes with 12 bags of Mini Jelly Beans in a variety of flavours and 12 packs of tubes that specifically fit the stand. The rrp for a filled tube is £1.99 and it holds approximately 100g. Further stock of Jelly Beans and tubes are available in our online wholesale sweets shop and also in every Hancocks confectionery cash and carry across the UK.  Hancocks is a specialist UK sweets and chocolate wholesaler with many decades of knowledge and experience of the industry. Offering more than 5,000 branded and own label confectionery products in every UK cash and carry, plus a specific range of bulk sweets in the online wholesale sweets shop, Hancocks is an excellent choice for all of your sweet supplies.

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