Jewellery Sweets

Jewellery SweetsWhat fun jewellery sweets can be! Candy Necklaces and Candy Watches have been around for many generations and most of us will remember the hours of entertainment that they can provide. Specialising in wholesale confectionery, these types of sweets are strong sellers and timeless classics at Hancocks Cash and Carry.  Our choice of wholesale jewellery sweets online includes: Candy Necklaces Candy Watches Friendship Rings (both Haribo and Kingsway brand)  Confectionery should be fun and jewellery confectionery is certainly that. The play value of jelly rings has amused us for many years, whilst many a young girl (or boy!) has enjoyed styling a Candy Necklace before gradually biting it all off the elastic.  Whilst wholesale bulk sweets such as Friendship Rings work well within a pick and mix sweets display, confectionery retailers and sweet shops can either sell Candy Necklaces and Candy Watches as part of that same display or sell them with an “each” price, depending on the style and profile of your shop.  If you are located close to one of our wholesale confectionery cash and carries then a trip to Hancocks would show you more than 5,000 branded and own label wholesale bulk confectionery products under one roof. This would include a full aisle of children’s sweets and at least one full aisle of pick n mix sweets – all available to businesses on a wholesale basis.  In the meantime, if you cannot find the time to pop in or are perhaps too far away from our cash and carries, you can purchase a specific range of bulk sweets from Hancocks online, having your sweet supplies delivered direct to your business within 48 hours.  If you decide order your confectionery supplies online, trying a bag of jewellery sweets such as Candy Necklaces or Candy Watches would be a great choice. Children continue to enjoy them today whilst they happily take many adults down memory lane – such is the opportunity with retro sweets. 

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