Mints & Medicated

Mints & MedicatedGeneral mints and medicated confectionery is an important category to stock for many retailers. There are often specific reasons why shoppers buy these sweets and offering the correct range will really help your business. The market is busy and there is much to choose from, especially at Hancocks. Whilst some shoppers will buy mints simply because they like the taste, others will be purchasing with fresh breath in mind. Understanding why your customers are buying such sweets will help you to develop the best range for them. Medicated confectionery on the other hand, is mainly purchased due to a health need such as sore throat or blocked nose. Whilst the seasonal peak for medicated confectionery is over the winter months, don't discount stocking a range throughout the year to help all those coughs and colds. Hancocks stocks a huge selection of mints and medicated confectionery in many retail formats. Whilst this section showcases those products within general confectionery, be sure to take a look at the pick and mix section if you are looking for bulk bag options. Many brands are prominant in this area of confectionery incuding: Halls, Trebor, Werthers, Polo, tic tac and Jakemans. We keep abreast of all the new developments with these brands and more, offering you competively priced wholesale cases for your business. Long established in the world of wholesaling confectionery, Hancocks offers the biggest range available under one roof in many cash and carries throughout the UK in addition to a substantial range right here on the website, available to order online and have delivered direct to your business. And the range that we offer keeps growing! If confectionery is an important category for your business, whether it be mints and medicated confectionery or many of the other areas within it, Hancocks would be an excellent partner for you to consider, able to provide you with a competitive range of wholesale confectionery coupled with ample advice and help when you need it.

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