Multi-packsMulti-pack confectionery has become a significant growth area, lead by the discounters but now available to all manner of businesses that retail confectionery. Hancocks stocks a growing array of multi-pack confectionery that can help you to offer your customers a better value method of purchasing, should they wish to buy a larger quantity.

Whilst some shoppers prefer to buy just one pack of sweets or a single countline bar to stave off their hunger or treat themselves at that moment in time, many are happy to purchase multi-packs that they can take home with them, enjoying a treat when they choose or perhaps using the packs to treat the family from time to time. With this requirement in mind, branded manufacturers have developed a wide selection of multi-pack confectionery that provides a new avenue for businesses that sell confectionery and a value alternative for shoppers.

Leading the UK confectionery wholesale market since 1962, Hancocks is always at the forefront of developing trends, helping customers to make the most of every possible opportunity. This might be in branded confectionery or in own label - the opportunities to profit from confectionery are endless and we are always happy to help you with this! Stocking more than 5,000 wholesale confectionery lines in depots throughout the UK, Hancocks also wholesales confectionery online and delivers direct to your business, allowing you to get on with running it. 

In addition to confectionery, we also offer packs and carded selections of wholesale peanuts and crisps, now operating as one of the UK's larger snack suppliers. Multi-pack confectionery is just one of many categories to consider stocking when planning your wholesale sweets and chocolate range. We can help you to understand what might work best for your business and supply you with the tools to make it work. We even stock empty jars and display stands to help your confectionery display look fabulous. If you have not considered Hancocks as a wholesale confectionery supplier before, now just might be the time to do so.


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