Old Fashioned Sweets

Old Fashioned Sweets Old fashioned sweets have become a significant growth trend across many different retail outlets in the UK. From liquorice to lollipops, traditional boiled sweets to bon bons, Hancocks stocks a comprehensive range of wholesale old fashioned sweets, giving you no end of ideas for your confectionery business. There are simply hundreds of varieties of old fashioned sweets, with most of them being available at Hancocks in bulk wholesale sweets bags to help UK confectionery businesses profit from this notable trend. The growth in demand for nostalgic products is relentless as people continue to enjoy looking back fondly at their younger years. Such as trend has created a significant opportunity in the UK confectionery market. Old fashioned sweets are loved by grown ups and children alike. Adults continue to enjoy discovering their childhood favourites whilst children try them for the very first time. Popular old fashioned sweets include bon bons, fudge and boiled sweets such as Humbugs, Pear Drops and Rosey Apples – all to be found in Hancock’s online wholesale sweets shop. A pick and mix display of sweets can be extremely popular if laden with wholesale old fashioned sweets. You can also create something quite bespoke to your business by filling smaller containers or jars with a range of old fashioned sweets to make an attractive treat or gift. Some businesses will buy a range of wholesale old fashioned sweets and create bespoke mixtures that can prove to be a feast for the eyes or the palette – such is the potential creativity with old fashioned sweets.Hancocks is the leading UK confectionery wholesaler, combining a specific and profitable range of sweets to buy online with plenty of confectionery cash and carry stores located across the UK. Offering no shortage of business advice and industry knowledge, there is no better place to purchase your confectionery supplies.

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