Pick and Mix Sweets Stand

Pick and Mix Sweets StandHancocks has been providing the independent retail market with a pick and mix sweets stand for many years, such is the demand for a professional and good value display mechanism for pick and mix.  The Hancocks pick and mix stand has been designed with the retailer in mind. Each stand can hold 20 pick and mix bins, allowing for a comprehensive choice. It is also possible to display your pick n mix sweets using a number of our stands lined up side by side in order to increase the selection available and many businesses choose to do this.  Vibrant and fun, the Hancocks pick and mix stand enjoys a lively and contemporary style, with side graphics and a header. Measuring approximately 1722mm high, 923mm wide and 570mm deep, this compact stand can really help to increase your sales of pick n mix sweets.  A central shelf helps to organise your pick and mix bags and pick n mix scoops, ready to the customer to use, whilst the bins can be easily filled from the back, allowing for consistent stock rotation.  Hancocks sells this pick and mix stand as a package so that once you have sold your initial stock of sweets you will have all but recovered the initial investment. This makes for a great value UK pick n mix sweets stand given the huge current potential for pick and mix sweets in the UK. When you purchase a stand, you receive 22 bags of top selling pick and mix sweets in addition to a good selection of pick n mix bags and scoops.  The growth of pick and mix sweets in the UK seems to have no limits. As our household budgets are kept tight, we continue to seek out and enjoy a sweet treat, sometimes with a nostalgic twist. Both children and adults enjoy choosing their very own pick and mix sweets whether they are retro sweets, fizzy and sour sweets, traditional boiled sweets, jelly sweets or something else entirely. All tastes can be catered for with a range of pick n mix sweets.

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